Meteor.JS observe Collection changes in other apps

In Meteor.JS we can make use of a protocol called DDP (Distributed Data Protocol) which allows us to connect a Meteor app to another Meteor app and share or modify their collections. It also gives us the ability to observe the changes of their collections and react to these changes.A good use case for me is being able to create a mobile app that would react based on changes being made within a public cloud app, and update the date in the public cloud app from the mobile app. I am able to Read more [...]

Nginx Module Extension book review

This book is a complete resource for anyone using Nginx web server. It really includes just about everything you need to know from configuration at compile time, optimising for your hardware resources, to writing modules and extensions.  It is a valuable resource, and I enjoyed reading through it.If you weren't already familiar with Nginx's power, you will want to take the time to read through the first chapter (Installing Nginx Core and Modules from Source) as the author explains how different Read more [...]

I’m a Web Developer and I use Linux

I'm using Linux, and have been for over 4 years because well...I can run it on just about any hardware It seems to make my hardware last longer It handles intensive processing very well, even on older hardware It supports more than everything I need to be able to create web stuff It scales very well in a growing development environment I don't have to pay silly money for licences I don't have to pay anyone for the privilege of launching an appFor some reason, many developers Read more [...]

Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices book review

My thoughts... I was really happy when I was given the opportunity to read and review this book. Although I have had a lot of experience in recent years using JavaScript, Backbone.js is relatively new to me and I have been trying to incorporate it as much as possible within my projects ever since I started learning about it. This hasn't always gone as well as I had hoped and sometimes I've found myself in situations where the application architecture has become convoluted, making it harder to maintain.So, Read more [...]