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WooCommerce – Programmatically get Variation Title by Variation product_Id

I was building a custom form for my client where I wanted to create a shortcode that generates a button where a user could add a Subscription to their cart.

Each subscription product has a number of variations. Variations are stored as posts but meta information is stored as if they are product options.

If you try to retrieve the post_title of a variation by its ID, it will display something like the following.

Variation #0000 of Some Product

Here is how to retrieve the product option title rather than the variation post title.

// Assuming you already have $variation_id set
get_post_meta($variation_id, 'attribute_options');

Returns an array

    [attribute_options] => Array
        [0] => Some Variation Title

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  1. john john

    no, I think the best you can do here is the slug

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